What is personal training?

Personal training: a tailor-made sports teacher

Globally, personal training is a method of training with the help of a professional who will accompany you until you achieve your goals.

It is not a simple physical trainer, it will support you mentally, it will encourage and stimulate you in the moments when you feel like quitting.

Etymologically, the word “train” comes from the Latin “in” and from the verb “trahere”. Thus, the idea of training is to involve in an action of making move, making drag.

In the middle of the 19th century, in Oxford to be precise, the English voice for training, “coaching”, is used in a figurative sense to designate the accompaniment of a student until his final exam. It is towards 1860 that the training is oriented towards the sports field.

In Spain, it is from 1980 that one begins to hear about personal training and from the year 2000, the word training appears in a wide range of possibilities: personal training, company training, sports training and personal development, etc.

Today, the idea of accompaniment is still present in the training.

Personal training makes it possible to acquire new personal or professional skills, such as knowing how to express oneself in public, acquiring security, developing physical and/or intellectual abilities.

Contrary to the sports training that you have to choose well, personal training consists rather in a global approach of the person.

The International Federation of Trainers (ICF) defines personal training as the personal accompaniment of the individual in the implementation, application and evolution of his project.

In personal training, the person who receives the training optimizes to the maximum his potential and his capacities thanks to the tools that the trainer puts at his disposal.

Do you know when personal training began? Do you want to know its history?

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Personal training at home: a local accompaniment

Personal training, also called “coaching”, is a sports accompaniment with the help of a sports and fitness professional; it is also a physical trainer who travels directly to your home with the necessary material to dispense you with sessions that are 100% tailor-made.

Whether it’s to get in shape, lose weight, develop your muscles, gain elasticity, or to prepare yourself physically for a sporting event, personal training at home can respond to all your demands thanks to exercises focused on your abilities.

Advance thanks to the experience of your qualified trainer.

Advantages of in-home personal training

  • Save time: in fact, you won’t have to travel to the gym, waste time on transport or parking. In this case, the trainer will come to your home.
  • A source of motivation: going to train alone in a gym is not always obvious, there are days when you don’t feel like it and anything can be used as an excuse (time, laziness, your other activities…).

Home training is a real mental and physical accompaniment that will make you understand the importance of practicing a sport.

  • Followed and personalised training: unlike all other sports training (mainly group training), personal training focuses solely on you, and that’s where the difference lies.
  • The entire sports programme is designed for one person, not a group, so nothing is left to chance and not only do you get good results, but they last.
  • A professional listening to you: the personal trainers who come to your home are all qualified professionals and have followed a specific training with a complete apprenticeship: a sports training, of course, but also a training in relaxation, communication, sales, nutrition, etc…

Personal training in the weight room

Why go to a weight room for personal training sessions? Everything is a question of cost and also of sports motivation.

For a gym class, personal training is recommended for people who are motivated and don’t mind getting around every time.

In fact, how many people sign up for a gym with good intentions at the beginning and after 2 days of rowing don’t put their feet back on?

In addition, the gym is generally a shared place, meaning that you won’t be alone with your trainer, and being surrounded by strangers can make certain people uncomfortable.

Anyway, the advantages of having a personal trainer in the gym are:

  • A qualified framework: sports training in a gym allows you to practice a physical activity in group or individually with absolute safety and above all, benefit from the skills and knowledge of a professional of sports activities and fitness.
  • An accompaniment to achieve your objectives: according to your profile, the personal trainer will develop a tailor-made programme. With all the equipment available in the gym, your personal trainer will not leave you alone doing the exercises, he will support and motivate you, while checking that you do the movements well.
  • A real source of motivation: personal training in a gym allows you to be surrounded by people who “suffer” like you, but above all, to have at your side someone who will dynamize the process and help you achieve your goals.
  • A relationship of trust: just like personal training at home, personal training in a gym allows you to have a professional in whom you have complete confidence close by at all times. For positive results, this condition of trust is an essential value.

Personal group training: an economical solution

Training all year round, in view of a sporting event or to lose weight for example, requires motivation, and when we are alone, it is not uncommon sometimes to throw in the towel, to wonder why we are making so many efforts and if we are going to achieve it.