Aerobic Exercises to Improve Your Muscle Resistance

If with aerobics you can only think of aerobic videos from the 80s, or those times in high school when you had to go around the field, then we have good news for you: It’s 2017 and “aerobic” simply means “doing cardio”.

Technically, I think all exercise is aerobic, because if you weren’t breathing, then you wouldn’t be doing any exercise because you’d be dead. But what we’re talking about when we talk about aerobic exercise is that kind of exercise that is prolonged (not a sprint).

If you are a crossfiter, for example, looking for your maximum snatch repetition is not what we mean when we talk about aerobic exercises. Murph is an aerobic exercise, so are burpees and jumping rope.

To increase your muscular resistance using aerobic exercises is something obvious, since that is the own objective of these exercises, but if you are a fan of Velites, then probably you also like other things that require certain type of force (like the CrossFit).

With this in mind, we’ve made a list of our favorite aerobic exercises to increase muscle endurance. Most of them are common sense, and I’m sure they’re all movements you’ve done or at least heard of.

Use aerobic exercise to improve your muscle endurance

It’s up to you how to mix these movements, we’re not your coaches, we just like fitness. We’ve made some suggestions for each movement, but you’re really a smart person, so you’ll find out for yourself the best way to incorporate these movements into your routine.

So there you go, our favorite exercises to increase muscle endurance (and strength). For Velites, for you, because we care about fitness, and how you do in the Open.

Jump rope

Of course we were going to start with the rope. Your rope is not a simple tool for heating, and if you think it’s just cardio, add a thicker cable and weights to the handles. It’s possible to get a full body workout with the sag, and if used correctly, you’ll work on the core, shoulders, legs and back, and all this while improving your overall muscular endurance.

One of our favorite ways to get the rope into your routine is to work the double jumps every minute, alternating with another movement like pine push-ups. If you need help getting started on your double jumps, the Velites Jump Rope Academy is a good place to start. This series of free videos will take you step by step through the technique and set the pace.


The masters or the hates, the burpees are one of the best movements that exist to work the whole body. You can do them at a slow pace, doing 100 or more, or use them as a sprint exercise. Remember that the standards for CrossFit burpee are chest and thighs on the floor, and a small jump with your hands on your head.

We like to do either burpees every minute, or the classic “maximas reps in 7 minutes”.


Few crossfitters would choose it as their favorite, but now that summer is approaching, it’s likely that your coaches will schedule more running in the workouts. Done well, running can be a good core workout, and can help you develop a better technique for your other movements. Obviously, it’s great for improving your muscular endurance as well as your cardiovascular fitness.

“Light Barbell Cycling

During the Open season, many coaches start climbing the heavy lifts and change them to lighter weights. They do this for two reasons: First, they don’t want you to get hurt. You’re not going to get much stronger in those few weeks anyway.

Second, cycling with lighter weights is a good way to get used to maintaining intensity for longer. Working with 20 or 30 kilos overhead, instead of 60 or 70 as we’re used to, is going to help build more muscle endurance, and make you a better and more complete athlete.

Go by bike

Remember to stretch your hips and quads before and after, but as a general exercise, cycling is a great way to gradually increase your muscle endurance.

Combine more relaxed parts with sprints, and you’ll get a great leg-strengthener, as well as expand your ability to hold on longer. Whether it’s an assault bike or a road bike, it’s a great exercise to get into your routine.

Static movements

Not everyone sees them as typical aerobic exercises, but if you stay long enough making tabs of plates or hollow holds, your heart rate will increase, and holding static poses is a good way to build deeper muscle endurance.

Try hollow holds, irons, and hanging in there as part of a tabata workout, and you’ll see it’s as rewarding as any other WOD or lifting session.


The same as with the bike, only you’ll also get an upper body workout. If you don’t row yet, you’re missing out on a lot of fitness. Very few exercises will make your body and endurance work as hard as rowing. Try mixing 45 seconds at a medium pace, with 15 seconds of sprints.